10 November
”Post and Wire: The Case of Cunard and McKay’s Transatlantic Communications”
Modernist Studies Association, Columbus, Ohio

April 20
"Remediating the Studio System in May 1970"
Cornell University Society for the Humanities

December 2
"The Others Formation and the Société Anonyme"
Museum of the Avant-Garde, or The Avant-Garde Museum?
Muzeum Sztuki
Łódź, Poland

November 18
"Modernist Foley Men:  Soundscape in the Firesign Theatre from KPPC to CBS"
Modernist Studies Association, Pasadena, California

October 28
"Libraries 1939"
Center for Humanities and Information, Penn State University

March 15
"The Firesign Theatre's Eight-Channel Writing Desk"  
Klarman Hall, Cornell University

March 9
"The Scandal of a Black Ulysses:  Wallace Thurman, Richard Bruce Nugent and the Harlem Reception of Joyce"  
Princeton University 20th Century Graduate Colloquium

January 20
"Provisional Institutions:  Barnes, Phillips, Broad"  
Collecting to Exhibit?  The Narratives of Art between Collecting and Exhibition. 
ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art
Aarhus, Denmark

November 20
Panelist.  "Back into Print:  Old Anthologies and New Scholarly Methods"
Modernist Studies Association.  Boston, Massachusetts

May 18
"From Icon to Discourse:  Nancy Cunard in the Collection of Claude McKay"
University of Oregon

April 17
"The Firesign Theatre's Wax Poetics"
Experience Music Project.  Seattle, Washington

December 13
"From Anthology to Archive:  Reed's Osiris, Pound's Mumbo Jumbo"
Penn State University