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Collecting as Modernist Practice.   (Johns Hopkins UP, 2012).  

2013 Modernist Studies Association book prize winner; Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2012.

Paris, Capital of the Black Atlantic: Literature, Modernity, and DiasporaEditor, with Jonathan P. Eburne (Johns Hopkins UP, 2013).

Directed by Allen Smithee.  Editor, with Stephen Hock.  (U Minnesota P, 2001).  



"How to Be in Two Places at Once:  Listening to the Firesign Theatre in the U.S. and Vietnam."  Podcast.  The Organist / KCRW (14 December 2017)

"Barnes without Barnes:  On Philadelphia's New Barnes Foundation," The Los Angeles Review of Books  (23 August 2012)



with Timothy Morton, "How to Make Hyperobject Sound Art:  Occupying the Electromagnetic Field with the Firesign Theatre," New Centennial Review 18.2 (2018): 39-68.

"Media Studies 1932:  Nancy Cunard in the Archive of Claude McKay."  Modernism/modernity (May 2018).

"The Firesign Theatre's Wax Poetics:  Overdub, Dissonance, and Narrative in the Age of Nixon."  Sounding Out! (27 Nov. 2017)

"The Scandal of a Black Ulysses:  Wallace Thurman, Richard Bruce Nugent, and the Harlem Reception of Joyce."  ELH 84.3 (2017):  741-763. 

Reprinted in Caroline Pollentier and Sarah Wilson, Modernist Communities across Cultures and Media (University Press of Florida, 2019) 25-45.

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